Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance and biophysics:


Our therapy is based on the principle of biophysics. This science is to describe the internal biochemical processes and to identify methods of analysis. It considers the organism as a highly complex systems of interactions between physical fields.
The organism is mainly under the control of electromagnetic biochemical processes.

The electromagnetic field which has the most influence on our body is the sun. The ultraviolet rays are a kind of electromagnetic radiation. The skin reacts in different ways to electromagnetic pulses. It warms up with the effect of invisible rays which are rich in energy. In reaction to the electromagnetic pulses, the UV light generate vitamin D production and pigmentation. Many biological systems in the body react to a vibration or to an electromagnetic frequency. Thus, they generate a resonance which triggers reactions in the body.
By extrapolation, we can consider that all biochemical processes of one organism are under the control of this electromagnetism. That means that every organism and organic system vibrates with a certain intensity or frequency. This also applies both on the physical as well on the emotional level.

These vibrations can be detected and evaluated by our tests procedure.

How does the test detect these vibrations ? The diagnostic:


Our process, “advanced bioresonance” is a method of treatment which was discovered at the end of the 19th century.
The word “resonance” comes from latin and means “echo”. Bioresonance echoes the resonance of life. Based on new knowledge in the field of quantum physics and biophysic, it is accepted that every cell, every organic system and also external factors such as bacteria, viruses or allergenic pollen, have their own force field which makes them vibrate. With our test, we aim to measure specific vibrations in order to evaluate the “echoand therefore the resonance. In this way, we can see where the problems are.
During the test, the body is connected to the test device by both index fingers. Stimuli in the form of ultra-low pulses are sent through the body for a few minutes.
The reaction of the body to these signals is then analysed and the variations in values are measured. We aim to determine the way the body reacts to these stimuli. That gives us indications about the general profile of the organism and about its problems areas. We obtain information about the state of the organs and their regulatory system, the energy situation, the physical fitness, and in the end, this enable us to make a link between the cause and effect.

What happens then? The therapy:

Each substance has a force field, which has its own frequency, which is the result of its composition. This very typical and accurate wave length is called a frequency pattern.
Our therapy is based on the notion that every cell and its degeneration, each organ, each virus / bacteria and every other factor influencing the body, have their own measurable frequency pattern.
For example, the diseased cells of an organ and the healthy cells of the same organ have a different frequency pattern. Identified problems are treated with magnetic cards on which the inverse frequency pattern has been loaded.
If our test identifies a disruption in the immune system due to a bacteria which is dangerous for the health, the immune system will then receive the electromagnetic informations required to disable the force field of the bacteria through a magnetic card loaded with the reverse energy pattern. In this way, the body is able to disable the problem and can protect itself in the future from this danger.

This test procedure, but also our homeopathic knowledge, as well as other traditional procedures like Chinese medicine, or new discoveries and their causal relationships, make it possible for us to establish diagnostics and treatments.

For which illnesses is our therapy appropriate ? Indications:

Our therapy stimulates basically the body’s self-regulating system, by using the signals emitted by the body.
We detect information on illnesses directly in the organism, thanks to electromagnetic vibrations, which are used for the treatment.
As a conclusion, the bioresonance therapy is appropriate for the treatment of many illnesses.

Your Hartgens‘ Team