Dorn Method


The Dorn method is the treatment of the whole spinal column and other joints to treat radiant pains in the spinal area, in the extremities and in the head.
Restrictions on movements, dysfunctions and blocked vertebrae are manually diagnosed and gently and effectively treated.

This method aims to restore the functional capacities of the vertebrae and other body joints.

The Dorn method is based on the adjustment of the leg length, with a minimum of manipulations, which the patient can then practise on his own with the aim of achieving stabilisation in ther medium and long term.

A leg-length inequality Dornmethode 2may cause in the long-term an improper positioning of the sacrum bone and, therefore, scoliosis deformities, which cause blocks and restrictions on vertebrae movements.
Vertebrae blockages can cause backaches, in the extremities and/or in the head, and can also cause functional disorders of certain organs, like for example arrhythmias, stomach upsets, pains on inhaling and exhaling.

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