Relaxation for the mind and body

Birgit HUBER is here to take care of you :

Dorn and Breuss spinal therapy 60 minutes

(20-minutes Breuss massage, followed with a Dorn spinal correction)

The Breuss massage is a soft back massage which helps to eliminate mental and physical tension, as well as promoting the regeneration of underused intervertebral disks. It is the ideal preparation for the next stage of the treatment.

The Dorn method is a gentle sensitive method for straightening displaced vertebrae and joints. They are gently repositioned thanks to dynamic swinging movements standing up or sitting down.

This method aims to restore the functional abilities of the vertebrae and other joints in the body..

Facial massage 30 minutes

A gentle face and head massage is extremely relaxing and clears the mind. It makes you feel wonderful and prepares your skin for beauty treatment and makes you look and feel better.

Tension in facial muscles often reflects physical tension, fatigue and exhaustion. Facial and head massage relaxes the facial muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system and fosters overall well-being. The tensions of daily life are released and your mind has been cleared again.

Back massage 30 minutes

by lying or sitting up

A relaxing massage for the shoulder, neck and back. It can be done on a bed or on a massage chair.

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